There’s nothing worse than being stressed out and on schedule on your wedding day. With all the careful planning that you put into the entire ceremony, when the special day arrives you want to absorb everything and enjoy as much as possible. Even if everything goes according to plan, weddings are hectic events that pass by in the whirlwind. The best thing you can do to make sure you don’t have too much pressure on your big day is to plan accordingly and set a realistic schedule. Read on to get some good tips on planning your wedding day.On the day of the wedding most of the time for hair and make-up must be provided for the bridesmaids, the bride’s mother and the bride herself. For a party with four bridesmaids, at least four hours should be provided for hair and make-up only. While this sounds like a lot, time passes.
The bride’s make-up should be done first, while the hairdresser begins with the hair of the first bridesmaid. Within the first hour, the bride’s make-up should be done and the hair should begin, while the hair of the three bridesmaids should be done and the first bridesmaid should begin her make-up.

While bridesmaids’ dresses can be worn a few hours before the ceremony, most brides wait as long as possible before putting on their wedding dresses. Because less time in the dress leaves less time for stains, tears, wrinkles and other unpleasant events on the wedding day. The exact time for dressing depends on whether you are at the venue or where photos are taken. No matter where you decide, take at least an hour to put on the dress and accessories to get it right.

Book the photographer to arrive in the middle hair and makeup. Honest shots from the brides and bridesmaids dressing and preparing for the ceremony are invaluable. This also gives the photographer time to take photos of the wedding dress on a hanger, accessories and other behind-the-scenes shots you want to take.

If the bridal party consists of more than four bridesmaids, discuss the possibility of the hair and make-up artists bringing assistants to help you keep to the schedule. Don’t forget to talk about prices and remember that while you will have to pay a little more for the extra hands, it is really worth it if you are able to take a smile as you prepare for the ceremony.

Follow the above planning tips to stay on your wedding day with hair, makeup, dresses and everything in between. Organized, realistic planning in advance can help keep the day running smoothly so you can enjoy a stress-free wedding.


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