Today I’ll show you my Mooris favorites.

1st Serum Rosehip Facial Oil from RAAW

I love beauty products and give them away with pleasure. With this great face oil from RAAW you can hardly do anything wrong – it is ideal for all skin types and especially good for dry skin!

2. argan oil from Ibiza Beauty Colleciton

Let’s stick to beauty oil. Argan oil from Ibiza Beauty Collection is a natural oil obtained from argan fruits. It is an all-purpose weapon as it can be used in many places. It is also a wonderful massage oil.

3rd book “Dress Scandinavian

The book by Pernille Teisbaek is a great fashion dictionary for all those who love the minimalist and Scandinavian look. I own it too and I’m thrilled.

4th book ” Love x Style x Life”

I also have this book at home on my shelf. This fashion and beauty guide is a beautiful gift for women of all ages. Besides super beautiful photos, the book by Garance Doré also contains wonderful illustrations.

5th most cuddly bed bottle

I also love to give away bed bottles. In addition a pack of the favourite tea and ready is the Christmas present for the cold days at home.

6. candlestick

Love it! How beautiful are these reduced candlesticks from Arno Wolf!

7. high crystal glasses

When we invite our friends to dinner, I try a new cocktail every time. In these crystal glasses the drinks will look even prettier.

8. scented candle Blackened Santal

Candles can never be missing at my house. Also as a gift they are always a great choice. This scented candle from RAAW smells of mysterious sandalwood and cedar wood, peppered with spicy cardamom and mixed with dark vanilla. A hint of violets and a delicate hint of iris.


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