Upcycling Vase – DIY with chalk colour

September turns out to be a month of homemade vases! Besides the already introduced vase with pearl pen and the DIY vases with cork, I have another wonderful idea for very special vases from old glass bottles: Upcycling Vase – DIY with chalk color.

Yes, I am in the test fever of various do-it-yourself kits. What do I mean by kits? DIY kits are a summary of matching materials with which you can get started right away. Other accessories do not have to be purchased. All you need is an item you want to embellish. One such kit is, for example, the concrete effect set with which I designed a lamp.

I knew chalk color so far only as a color for the design of furniture. But there are different Chalk Paint Sets for handicrafts and I finally wanted to test them.

This is what I used

Old bottles

Upcycling Vase – special glass bottles serve as basis
There are so many really nice glass bottles. Since I now know what you can do with old bottles, it always hurts me a little to bring bottles into the waste glass. The big bottles with pureed tomato sauce, Prosecco or milk bottles are especially pretty.

A little overcoming to clean the bottles always costs it. A high for the dishwasher, which already does a lot of work. After removing the label in boiling water, the design of the glass bottles with chalk colour can begin.

Chalk Paint?
My DIY set of different paint boxes is titled “Chalk Paint”. However, I always speak of chalk paint…

Chalk Paint or Chalky Paint is English and literally translated means “chalky colour”. It is therefore a chalk colour by name.

Chalk colour is better known in the field of furniture painting. They have good processing properties. Chalk paint is easy to spread and produces a great, supermatt and powdery effect. It gives furniture and decoration a structured, “soft” appearance. The colours offered are vintage. DIY projects with chalk colour therefore often appear romantic and out of time.

DIY with chalk colour is trendy
A huge market has developed around chalk colour. Almost every handicraft brand now has a chalk colour in its range. In addition there is Chalk Finish, Chalk Blocker, Chalk Wax…well, it is a trend. Trends are not bad. They show that many people are interested in something and that there are innovations. I finally wanted to test it myself and bought the Chalky Paint Set “Summer Breeze”.

Chalk colour the same as chalk colour?
With the large number of products available in the meantime, there is a very different interpretation of chalk colour. Originally chalk color consists of slurry chalk in combination with a binding agent and color pigments.

Of course, modern paint manufacturers have further developed this recipe in favour of durability, opacity, spreadability and yield. However, some new paints for handicrafts are very far removed from this basic recipe and can rather be regarded as paints to create a vintage look, romantic look or textured surface. However, the term chalk colour probably sells better. 🙂

DIY with chalk colour – Set Summer Breeze
The Chalk Paint Set “Summer Breeze” consists of three beautiful, bright colours which are perfectly matched to each other. Contrary to the mostly very pastel tones of chalk, these colours are summery and strong. I like this very much and it was the main reason for my order.

In the package there are three small colour tinges, three sponges to apply and a sheet of sandpaper – a Chalk Paint Set to start immediately.

The set got some bad reviews from Amazon. The criticism mainly refers to the opacity of the paints and partly to the supplied sandpaper and the durability of the sponges. I can partly understand the criticism.

Criticism of consistency and opacity of the chalk color
Anyone who has already worked with chalk paint for furniture will probably expect a slightly different colour. Even if it says it on the packaging and in the accompanying text: I wouldn’t use this set to paint furniture! Due to the filling quantity of only 90 ml, this paint is only suitable for furniture to a limited extent. On absorbent surfaces the 90 ml are used up in no time at all.

The colour has a different consistency than the colours I used to paint furniture with. It is thinner. Consequently, the paint does not cover so well.

After some tests with metal, glass and wood I come to the conclusion: this chalk colour works best on glass or small decorative elements. There the colour comes out very beautifully and is also very productive. Due to the low opacity, you have to reckon with 1 – 3 coats depending on the colour. The colour blue is the best, beige the worst.

Application of the chalk colour
On smooth surfaces, Chalk Paint Summer Breeze must be primed once with a brush. This coat takes about an hour to dry. In the second step, dab the paint on with the supplied sponge. The finished piece should then dry thoroughly. Finally, the paint can be partially sanded to obtain the typical vintage look.

My review of the Summer Breeze set
That worked out well for me. However, the criticism voiced by Amazon is not unfounded. The colour is not particularly opaque. With the colours beige and orange I did not manage with a priming and a decorating coat. The paint had to be applied a third time.

The typical effect of chalk paint: a powdery, slightly textured surface is minimal. The structuring is mainly achieved by dabbing the paint. If you want to apply the paint with a brush on a smooth surface, you will also notice that it is not possible to obtain a smooth surface. The brush strokes are always clearly visible.

On absorbent surfaces, the paint is more opaque because the surface absorbs the paint and automatically applies more paint. However, it is not possible, for example, to paint over lettering without it shining through.

Why I still think “Summer Breeze” is super
Yes, I probably wouldn’t call this set chalk color. Nevertheless…the colours are simply beautiful! They are radiant, colourful, fit together perfectly. The vases have become incredibly decorative and are now on our dining table. Especially in combination with dark wooden furniture the colours look wonderful. I haven’t found any colours for glass that looked so modern and fresh. That was the reason for the order. Therefore this Chalk Paint Set gets 4 of 5 stars from me.

But if you are looking for chalk colours for handicrafts, which resemble the well-known series by Annie Sloan, you should have a look around here*.

Upcycling Vase – DIY with Chalk Color



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