The year is drawing to a close. In these hours between Christmas and New Year, I like to think back about last year and imagine what the next one will be like. For my part, I can say that 2017 was really great! I hope you felt the same way.

Besides remembering the past, we also think about what we will eat at the next big event. Most of them will probably go to parties or small celebrations. But I’ll give you the perfect party food today. There is a really simple recipe, which will impress everyone at the same time. The pizza flower.

If you buy the dough ready, this recipe even consists of only three ingredients, but I have written down both variants for you. It’s that simple:

Doesn’t that look awesome? I love my pizza flower and hope that it will taste good for my guests. How is it with you? What kind of party food are you planning this year?


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