Shabby Chic myself: Ikea bedside cabinet Aspelund remodel

Shabby Chic is on everyone’s lips. The romantic country house Shabby Chic is a bit too perfect for me. So I wanted to try my own Shabby Chic on my Ikea bedside table: In the first part Ikea bedside cabinet Aspelund I had redesigned a normal, white, laminated Ikea furniture into a self made unique piece in country house style.

The chalk colours gave the piece of furniture a great structure. I liked the colour sage green very much. The painting gave the furniture something special. And yet I was not completely satisfied with the result. In previous projects I had also always sanded a little and designed with more and different colors. What was missing was the irregularity, the unique, the special.

After the bedside table stood in front of my room for two weeks, I decided to continue the redesign.

Redesigning the top side
Since I wanted the Ikea piece of furniture to have a bit more of a real wood look, I somehow tried to add some structure to the eel-smooth surface. I decided to “hurt” the surface. With a small screwdriver and a wire brush I scratched the surface. I shot a little over the target. You shouldn’t go beyond the foil and penetrate deep into the chipboard. Deep cracks are clearly visible later and not beautiful. Slight scribing is sufficient to make the surface appear more irregular.

What you need

Acrylic colours for mixing, e.g. Marabu – Basic Acrylic Colours Set


sanding block
Abrasive paper grain 120 – 240

Then I painted the upper surface with acrylic paint. I mixed the colour myself from oker, black, white and green. If you mix the acrylic paint only a little bit and do not mix it completely, you get great effects by the irregularity of the color. But beware! At the end I had a thick black line which I didn’t like so much. Black is simply very dominant.

The paint must dry well. Then the result is simply better when sanding, because you don’t lose so much paint at once. I left the nightstand for several days. But that was more because I simply didn’t have time. But I would leave the piece of furniture standing for 24 hours. Even if the paint already looks dry.

Multitool vs. grinding by hand
This time I wanted to try grinding with a multitool. So I unpacked our Multitool, unscrewed the grinding attachment and started.

The grinding result was really fantastic. Why had I only been satisfied with sanding blocks and sandpaper so far? Machine sanding

It was real fun. I sanded the upper side until some of the green chalk color and also the white of the foil came through again. Then I continued at the front side and then I exaggerated it again a little bit.

I can now give the tip that it is really enough to sand the edges, i.e. the areas that are subject to higher abrasion in normal use of a piece of furniture, slightly 🙂

I also liked the upper side of the bedside table very much, but I wanted to emphasize the irregularities even more and painted it again.

The chalk paint used for the green coating of the Ikea Aspelund dessert is slightly more sensitive than normal varnish. So I painted everything but the brown topside with a clear coat.

I painted the brown upper side with furniture wax. Why not clear varnish? I simply wanted to test whether it made a visual difference.

Since the wax was only slightly coloured and the colour of the top side was quite dark, there was no optical difference between the clear varnish and the furniture wax.

I have to admit that the sanding result on the front was too strong for me and so I painted a little more with the green chalk paint 🙁

Voilà, finished is the formerly boring, white Ikea piece of furniture in Shabby Chic. Meanwhile it has found its place in my bedroom again and creates a unique individual furnishing atmosphere.

Shabby Chic in the bedroom: Conclusion
The idea of using a screwdriver to “hurt” the surface of the table was a little too much of a good thing. Roughening with a brass brush would have been enough. I was also a bit enthusiastic about sanding. A little less of everything and I would have had to do less rework and at the same time got a better result.

Taking it away is becoming more and more difficult, if you want to add paint, varnish and wood again 😉

All in all there is a great bedside table that looks like it comes from a colonial furniture store and not from my DIY craft workshop!

The nice thing about working with wood veneer is that you can hardly break anything. When working on wooden furniture more can go wrong! So it’s a great project and I’m really satisfied with the result.



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