I have a somewhat ambivalent relationship with TVs. Because on the one hand I like to be entertained by colourful moving pictures in good resolution from time to time. On the other hand, I find that these clumsy journeymen can not only attract the attention of young and old too much, but to my regret also often swallow up the entire interior. Because even the most discreet and finest TV set looks like a black hole, which swallows any homely atmosphere and the ingenious interior decoration with it.

Because of this unaesthetic fact, I decided to say bye-bye and never to be seen again to the subject of television and the necessary equipment when we last moved almost two years ago. Up to now I was happy with this decision about our newly won peace and aesthetics concerning the interior, but not always in terms of entertainment and relaxation. And then there were the loud protests of the new generation, who couldn’t quite understand why their beloved Peppa Wutz, the cozy Petzi or the busy bee Maja only flickers on their daddy’s tablet or laptop.

So much for history. Now that I am an open-minded person and like to be convinced by new and working things, a few weeks ago I changed my mind about television at Urechs home. Adapted or not, my dear ones! Because the well-known TV giant Samsung introduced me to something personally and brought me closer to the fact that the topic television brings on a new label: The Frame TV.

Television AND Art

This brand new TV from ‘Samsung’ reaches a pioneer level that makes me rave as a well-known skeptic and residential aesthete. As already mentioned: ‘The Frame TV’ is the name of the good piece – and was especially conceived as an element for living concepts.

The visual highlight of a flicker box is rather a hybrid – a skilful crossing – of television and art. And it brings ingenious moving image entertainment and chic, artsy looks to the point or into our four walls!

The good piece consists optically of a plain beautiful frame, which comes in the standard version in puristic black. Here you have the option of choosing an additional interchangeable frame, for example made of Nordic-looking, light-coloured wood. Or clean white for chic ladies and luscious brown for real guys – it’s up to you!

Art & styling element in my home

In addition to the optical appearance as a picture frame, I can also consciously use the TV, which is available in three sizes, as a picture frame. If the TV is off, I can either have a new work of art from the hottest newcomer, the classic Monet, or the atmospheric family photo from the last family meeting projected into it.

Not bad, is it? So finally finito with a black hole in the living room! The clever TV can now even be used as a styling element and perfectly rounds off my kitchen, living room or bedroom with my personal favourite picture.

Particularly refined: The brightness of the projected image on the ‘Frame TV’ adapts to the ambient light with a sophisticated sensor, which I find particularly pleasant, as too bright screens often disturb or distract me.

Of course, I can also cleverly combine and arrange Frame TV with other images – in this way it takes an even more discreet place or more skillful place in the family’s picture wall. A television that is fully integrated, so to speak!

Almost invisible connection

Some of you know that I work at Mooris.ch, the concept store for selected furniture and beauties. Also there the clever TV screen with the beautiful frame comes in handy, because it can also be used for working. Namely, to illustrate something to the customer in good size or to explain. To do this I simply have to connect the screen to my tablet and I already have my homepage, or whatever I want to show the customers in my furniture studio, in large format in front of me.

By the way – thanks to the almost invisible, very discreet cable I don’t have an unattractive tangle of cables. One Invisible Connection is what Samsung calls this good solution.

A work of art deserves a cool stand

In addition to the detail of the discreet connection, the Frame TV also has something big to offer. Since the makers of Samsung conceived it as a worthy work of art, its location was also attributed great importance in the design of the TV. That’s why I can not only mount it on the wall, but also place it like a masterpiece on a beautiful stand. The stand can be placed free-standing in the room and thus almost takes on the character of an object.

I particularly like this, because it gives the art TV a lot of presence in my apartment, but it can also be adapted accordingly by choosing the still image. Because of its versatility, Frame TV not only looks different on the wall with different frames combined, but also on these chic legs depending on the environment. In my old apartment it looks really homey, but in my girlfriend’s cool loft it looks like modern art.

Eye candy for art and film

With the unique ‘4K UHD’ technology, which I take from the info sheet, I also enjoy sharp and detailed images with a resolution four times higher than that of the ‘Full HD’ that our old TV had. For all of you who can’t do much with technical specifications: This technical equipment simply guarantees a wonderfully sharp and eye-catching picture for your favourite movies and the selected stills that will delicately embellish your home when you’re not using the TV.

To cut a long story short: I’m a fan of our new roommate and would like to recommend him to all the aesthetes, home aesthetes, art fanatics, film and serial junkies among you.

Long live the multimedia revolution & Happy XMAS to you dear ones!



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