In our article today we will talk about a trend that sweeps on Instagram. It’s about neon make-up. For many girls it might be difficult to change their makeup eyes to neutral colors through shades of purple, neon green and cobalt blue.

Neon Make Up A Trend You Can Try To Surprise

Last year, neon make-up had an important place on the Spring Fashion Runways, where models were presented with lively eye and lip make-up. Just take a look at these beautiful photos where we see combinations of two or more green and blue shades of yellow and red etc. to see how brave and beautiful neon make-up is.

But if you’re still thinking about whether or not you should try one of those looks that keep raging at this point, think about our possibilities. But remember that neon make-up is ideal and even more so when it comes to a party.

Another thing we owe this make-up will work as long as you use your products properly. We are here to give you the best advice if you have dared to use these daring tones.

We’ll start with the first piece of advice. A good option is if you decide to make an eye makeup daring to keep the makeup of the rest of the face a little softer and easier. Do not use eye shadows so that the focus remains on the eyeliner and the rest of your face remains natural.

Get a smooth, thick line with a pencil or eyeliner. The eyeliner can be liquid or gel for a matt finish. Remember that this is a neon makeup so your eyeliner should advise you to opt for a creamy yellow waterproof neon. You can also use a pencil of the same color in yellow, along the bottom line, if you want a more dramatic picture.

Neon make-up to shine at the next party

Another original option of neon makeup for a party is to sketch their wrinkles. If you are looking for a subtle way to experiment with colors, we recommend you use natural shades. A matte remnant combined with a light color in the eye crease may appear unexpected, but the subtle color is perceived when the eye is open.

When you blink, you will see that the eye subtly attracts attention. It is less eye-catching than putting a ton of pigmented paint over the whole eyelid, but it still creates an interesting and different approach thanks to the colorful eyeliner.

If you only dye your crease, we recommend you use a pencil and a shadow in cream, as these products give you more control at the time of application. Don’t forget to add a mask for a more modern and interesting look.

Neon Make-up and Tips for Strevidos and Light Appearance

Another idea is to combine colours with a similar nuance. This idea is perfect for courageous girls who want to shine with eye-catching eyes in which there is no color, but two tones that also vibrate.

For those who are more daring, we recommend two contrasting colours such as gold and blue, purple and turquoise, pink and emerald. For those who want something less conspicuous, they can use green and blue or green and yellow. There are no rules that should make playing with makeup fun and give you a good feeling.

Consistency is the key to creating effective color combinations. The best thing you can do is to use products that have the same texture, preferably a long-lasting eyeliner for this type of colour combination.

In our article on makeup trends we have mentioned that the color pink is a trend for the 2017 fall/winter 2018 season. For this reason, although the light pink color is not the typical color of neon makeup, if you find it, do not hesitate to buy as with this color can simultaneously create an elegant and daring image.

But to surprise even more, use a pink hue with a hard-to-remove formula to help you create the desired color along your eyelashes. If you set the line of the lower lashes, you’ll get a more subtle image and a more dramatic effect.

We continue with the idea of a smoky purpurma. This idea is perfect for those who can’t create a line with the eyeliner and the options listed so far seem impossible for them. If you want something a little easier, this look is for you.

Use a pencil light purple (this is just an example you can use the color you like) and place the pencil along the lower lash line this is an easy way to test the colido pencil without spending too much time to create a complete cat’s eye).

For a perfect line, first learn to align the bottom line of the tabs by slowly moving a creamy pencil. Next, use a thinner and thicker one to improve it.

For those who have learned to sketch their eyes, a good idea is twice as much. We recommend that you choose liquid formulas if you want to create a strong graphic aspect of pop art. Use the black liquid eyeliner first to lengthen the eye. Once dry, simply apply a colored coating.

Once again you have the freedom to use any light color to restore this look, which is very original thanks to the black color that defines the eyes near the eyelash line.

No matter how fashion designers and make-up artists succeed in inventing new trends in make-up, art and fashion, it is important that you follow these trends or do not feel good and happy with your image.

Some think that makeup neon looks very vulgar, unattractive and does not attract people’s attention because a woman is not feminine and attractive, but one should not worry about this so that these pictures look and choose the desired look want to create the next party


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