Everybody please cheer, because today comes the second and last part of my trip to Switzerland. Well, when I look at the pictures, I wish I could go straight back. Unfortunately not possible. So accept and continue. But before that I would like to show you my last pictures and the nice things we did during the last two days.

Saturday unfortunately didn’t make us happy with the sun like Friday did before. Nevertheless, it was simply breathtaking when outside in front of the windows the fog was so deep that you couldn’t see a single mountain anymore. The crazy thing is that this weather situation could change within 5 minutes and suddenly all the mountains were visible again. Also the sun can suddenly shine again.

Unfortunately the weather forecast said no more sun for this day. Therefore we got out the plan for the bad weather: The Therme in the Lenzerheide. But before that we wanted to have a look at something else. By chance we learned that this weekend the Alpabzug should take place in Parpan. For all those who don’t know what that is: When the year slowly comes to an end and it gets colder, the cows are fetched from the pasture. For this there is a symbolic deduction of the cows from the pasture, where they are adorned and brought to the valley. We knew roughly when the cows would be driven by parpan and had a nice breakfast. Somehow we seemed to forget the time (no wonder at our apartment) and suddenly we only heard loud bells and people from outside. We were scared to run down quickly and were able to photograph just a few cows.

Luckily we were able to take some more nice pictures. It wasn’t that bad, because we planned to go to Lenzerheide in the afternoon anyway. There the cows were welcomed in the valley. Unfortunately the weather was not the best, but of course we didn’t want to miss it. So it started! We were a bit early, so we still had time to stroll around a bit. Funnily enough we discovered the Berlin Bear! How cool is that? There one had immediately home feelings… 🙂

After that, all we could do was wait. We almost thought that the cows would be late, but even they are punctual in Switzerland. 14:45 they were announced and 14:45 they arrived also on the minute in the valley!

Then we went to the Lenzerheide sports centre, where there was a thermal spa, a swimming pool and a fitness centre. Logically, I didn’t take any pictures of them. This trip was just for relaxation. Nevertheless I can say so much that it was incredibly beautiful there. If you’re sitting in the whirlpool and have a view of the mountains, it’s just something completely different. It was just breathtaking.

It was evening again and we went back to the apartment exhausted and happy. If you want to know where we lived, have a look at the first part again. There I describe it in detail.

The next morning it was early. Even though I would have loved to stay longer in my warm bed, I got up. Because there was something very cool on the plan. In Parpan there is a cheese dairy that offers the possibility to make cheese yourself. Pretty cool, isn’t it? I’ve always wanted to know how you actually make cheese and then make it myself, of course it’s twice as great. So I went up to the hut of the Tschugga cheese dairy. The host welcomed us there. Of course he had stood outside at half past nine and waited for us. Unfortunately we were there two minutes after half.

And then it started already! First he showed us a little bit and showed us their own cheese stock. After all, they sell cheese themselves. Then we went into the cellar and there were already two tables with all utensils ready. Then he told us in his sweet Swiss accent exactly step by step what we have to do to make our own cheese. We were served delicious wine and cheese from our own cheese dairy. All in all it was really an experience! Anyone who gets the chance to make their own cheese should really do so!

Afterwards the things were packed and we had to leave again. Since our flight didn’t leave until evening, we had a short look at the alpine town of Chur and a little bit of Zurich. But I didn’t take any pictures of it now. Sometimes you just need a little time for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed the little insight into our trip to Switzerland. Hopefully again soon!


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