Malm Hack! Boho make your own furniture with structure paste

Everyone knows the white furniture of the widespread Swedish furniture store with the four letters! They are minimalist and tidy. Cleaner chic, somehow always suitable. I know them all and already owned them all – at least felt. In the meantime I can only call a few my own. Among them two chests of drawers and a few Billy shelves. One of the chests of drawers is the Malm model and today it goes to the collar. Past with boring white, here with colour and creativity: Malm Hack! Boho making his own furniture with texture paste.

Commode Malm before
That’s the sweetheart. The Malm chest of drawers in the smaller version with three drawers: white, smooth without frills. It does not even have buttons. So we have known the Malm chest of drawers for, mh years in any case, perhaps even for decades.

Painting white Ikea furniture – is that possible?
Don’t be afraid of redesigning Ikea furniture! The white Ikea furniture coated with plastic can also be painted or varnished without any problems. In my articles Veneered furniture with chalk paint and White Ikea furniture varnish you will find much more on the subject.

Exotic Boho Style with texture paste make yourself
In this case, however, I want to go a little further than just painting the Malm chest of drawers. After the redesign, it should no longer be recognizable and embody a completely different style. At the moment I’m always looking a little dreamy towards the playful, colourful Boho style. Unfortunately this furniture is incredibly expensive. And whoever buys furniture online – has read my experiences, can guess how bare I am at the moment. 🙂

There must be a DIY idea! With stencil and texture paste, the smooth, plain front of the Malm chest of drawers gets a whole new look. With a little chalk color the chest of drawers will also be colorful: Malm Hack! Boho make your own furniture with structure paste.

Chalk colour for the redesign of furniture
I have already written a lot about chalk paint in my article Painting furniture with chalk paint. Chalk paint is a paint to paint all kinds of surfaces: Glass, furniture, plaster, concrete, walls etc. It is just as versatile as acrylic paint but creates a very individual look.

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Because surfaces painted with chalk paint are matt, dry and have a structured surface. In addition, chalk paint is child’s play to use and does not require any major preparatory work, as the surface is not as smooth and velvety as it should be with lacquered furniture anyway.

Chalk colour is currently a big trend and is mainly used for vintage furniture as it underlines this typical romantic country house look. However, chalk colour can be used for really anything and always fits in somehow – except for very modern furnishing styles.

Yes, and which chalk colour do I use? After several articles in which I used different brands and my test of seven different chalk colours, I am now and will probably continue to use the Amazona brand. According to Stiftung Ökotest, the chalk colour Painting the Past is also recommendable. Painting the Past, however, hasn’t been painted by me yet.

Modelling paste and stencil
You don’t know modeling paste? Then you really missed something. Not only can you create great paintings, but you can also make furniture and decoration more beautiful.

Modelling paste is a spreadable mass that dries in the air and leaves a structured surface. It is a kind of air-drying modelling paste in porridge form. 🙂

If you can conjure up great patterns from your hand with a spatula and a sponge, you don’t need to read any more now. For all others there are stencils made of plastic* with very different patterns.

I can give you a hint: pay attention to the size of the stencil. The size of the template should match the size of the piece of furniture! Should the pattern alternate? Then you need different templates. But since these things are quite cheap, I recommend to buy a pack with several stencils.

And concerning the material: Paper stencils are not as suitable as plastic, because the structure paste is much heavier than spray paint etc. and is pressed into the stencil during application, is painted.

Malm Hack! Boho make your own furniture with structure paste – Materials
-stencils made of plastic*
-Modelling/Structure Paste*
-artist’s putty for applying the paste
-Chalk paint to paint* the piece of furniture (can of course also be used with other paint or varnish)

Step by step to homemade Boho furniture with texture paste
Structure paste dyeing

I had dyed the structure paste before, because I wasn’t so sure what the chest of drawers should look like at the end. I was toying with the idea of giving Malm Hack a light Shabby look. In this case I would have sanded the chest of drawers after painting to give the impression that the chest of drawers is old and widely used.

If I had left the texture paste in its natural colour, it would have appeared during sanding and destroyed the look.

If you also want to colour the modelling paste, put a little of the paste in an extra bowl and mix in the colour of your choice. Things can be that simple! 😉

Apply structures to the furniture with a template.

Now take the stencil, hold it to the furniture and apply the structure paste with an artist’s spatula or similar tool. The stencil does not have to be stuck. A steady hand is enough.

Once a little of the texture paste has been applied, the stencil holds in place by itself without slipping.

If you want to be on the safe side and achieve an absolutely 100% clean result, I recommend treating the stencil with removable spray glue* or stencil adhesive spray. This will make the plastic stencil slightly sticky and will not slip easily even on smooth surfaces.

Remove the stencil immediately after application. The structure paste is still moist and not dried. Therefore it can be easily blurred. At this point, you can still make repairs with a damp cloth, which are no longer possible in the dried condition.

Designing furniture with texture paste – does the stencil need to be washed off?

The stencil is already full of texture paste after the first pattern has been applied. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed. You can still use the stencil for 3 – 4 patterns without any loss of quality. Then I washed off the stencil. Maybe it’s enough to wipe it in between. This test is still pending. 😉

Drying time of the structure paste

Structure paste dries quite quickly. After a few hours, the furniture can be painted with chalk paint or another colour without any problems.

Malm Hack – Painting the chest of drawers

Painting with chalk paint is really easy. Brush into the paint and go! 🙂 You’ll find much more about chalk paint in my articles Painting furniture with chalk paint and Painting veneered furniture with chalk paint and if you don’t want to use chalk paint, have a look at my article White Ikea Shelf Paint.

Malm Hack! Boho make your own furniture with texture paste


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