Make your own Shabby Chic furniture – Chalk colour from Abbondanza

Hey girls, hey guys, there’s a new shop in the city! Abbondanza is about to roll up the decorative paint market! I’m so happy that Abbondanza knocked on my door a month ago because of a cooperation, because otherwise I would not have found out about this online shop until much later and would not have been able to try out the great products to this extent. The article Shabby Chic color for furniture, would never have been created in this form. But this article has it really in itself! Because today there isn’t just one redesign, no, I’ll show you two different techniques (flaked off varnish & patina effect with glaze), how you can make Shabby Chic furniture yourself – with video, pictures and all the trimmings!

In order for you to follow my train of thought, I need to swing back a little. A cooperation with a company is like this: I make an offer for an article and announce my material requirements. In the case of Abbondanza, I asked for Milk Paint in yellow and a matching primer. A week later the Abbondanza package arrived and…surprise! – besides the requested colour the package contained almost your whole assortment. 🙂 I didn’t expect that and of course I was able to experiment to my heart’s content: Shabby Chic furniture itself, now nothing stood in the way of that.

I spent the last few weeks testing products and convincing myself of their quality and design possibilities. The Abbondanza chalk colour and the matching products to create patina effects were a growing source of enthusiasm for me. The Abbondanza range in this area is really remarkably extensive. I’m still far from finished trying out possible design styles – I’ve just run out of furniture to work with on the way. 🙂 That’s why there are two redesigns today:

Making Shabby Chic furniture yourself – with a patina effect
Design white Shabby Chic furniture with chipped lacquer
Abbondanza – an online shop for Shabby Chic paint such as chalk paint, Milk Paint and products for special processing techniques
Mirjam Steenbeeke and Febe Boxem founded Abbondanza in 2008 and have had a huge success with their book on decorative painting techniques and antique effects. Due to the high demand for products to implement their techniques, they finally founded the online shop Abbondanza.

Abbondanza now opens a German online shop

Previously, the products could only be purchased in Belgium and the Netherlands. Recently a German online shop has been established. I can really recommend you to have a look at the shop. It is not only clearly arranged, the offer is insanely large and there are detailed instructions and design possibilities for each product. A real candy shop for fans of Shabby Chic furniture.

Step by step instructions – make your own Shabby Chic furniture, make your own chair with patina effect
You love to paint furniture? Me too! From my experience I can tell you that there is absolutely no wrong or right in the design of Shabby Chic furniture, only possibilities and preferences. There are a few basic things to consider but beyond that, Shabby Chic furniture is always a small work of art full of individuality and expression of personal preferences. If you enjoy it, grab a piece of furniture on the bulky rubbish and get started!

Making Shabby Chic furniture yourself : a Tübingen chair gets a Shabby Chic with patina effect
This Tübingen chair has left its best years behind and was literally screaming for a new coat of paint. Tübingen chairs are very common here and I have had enough of their original appearance.

Cleaning, sanding, washing – preparing the piece of furniture for painting with chalk paint
Often chalk colour is sold as egg laying wool milk sow. Many manufacturers advertise chalk colour as a miracle colour that can be painted on all kinds of surfaces without any preparation. Yes, it is true, chalk paint can be painted on many different materials such as wood, stone, glass, wallpaper. However, chalk paint also requires preparation of the substrate.

If a piece of furniture is exposed to a lot of wear and tear, only those who free the wood from old, loose varnish residues and porous material can enjoy it for a long time. The wood is degreased with water and a little detergent and is optimally prepared for painting.

Do I have to remove old paints? > Read more
Primer as a barrier paint – also necessary for Shabby Chic paint
If you paint light colours, we recommend priming the wood. The primer is painted 1 – 3 times according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Without an effective primer, the wood may bleed: Ingredients of the wood settle in the light coat. Yellowish stains become visible. They are not washable and especially with white paints these stains cannot be overlooked. This looks something like this and is definitely not very attractive.

Shabby Chic Möbel selber machen – Patina Effekt selber machen: Dekorative Verzierungen mit Modelliermasse erzeugen

Vielleicht habt Ihr bereits mit Modelliermasse gearbeitet? Für mich stellte Modelliermasse etwas gänzlich Neues dar und ich liebe sie! Die Paste kann mit Spachtel und Schablone aufgetragen werden, trocknet extrem schnell und zaubert minutenschnell fantastische Verzierungen auf Möbel. Die Modelliermasse wird bombenhart und kann nach dem Trocknen nach Belieben gestrichen und bemalt werden.

Ein besonders sauberes Ergebnis erzielt Ihr, wenn Ihr die Schablone am Untergrund fixiert, bspw. mit Sprühkleber und die Paste so dünn wie möglich auftragt.

Patinate furniture in Shabby Chic – the basis is a layer of chalk colour
Chalk colour is a very special colour. It is open-pored and requires sealing after painting to repel moisture and dirt. This property makes it possible to patinate chalk paint after painting with paint, wood wax or pigments.

What is chalk paint? > read more
Applying the chalk colour to the stool
Chalk paint is applied with an ordinary brush for water-based paints. Painting chalk paint is easy and does not require much attention. With the brush the paint is evenly applied to the furniture. Abbondanza’s chalk colour has a creamy consistency, similar to a well-stirred yoghurt and therefore hardly drips.

Quality of Abbondanza’s chalk colour is remarkable
What about the quality of Abbondanza’s chalk colour? Compared to the chalk colours I have used so far, the Abbondanza colour has completely convinced me. It is important to know which properties I consider to be typical and desirable for chalk colours:

thicker than normal wood varnish but still easy to spread
high opacity, several coats usually not necessary
When painting, it is possible to get structure into the surface (visible brush strokes).
water-based and odourless
dries very quickly
beautiful colours available
after drying a supermatt surface is created
Behind each of these points I can – after three painted pieces of furniture – with a clear conscience make a hook.

Also painted in several layers, there are no edges and different colour sections after drying. The chalk colour is therefore a good choice for beginners and advanced painters. The choice of colour is the icing on the cake. Because with currently 171 colour tones it is incredibly large!

Create Patina Effect with Abbondanza Antiquing Glaze
Back to my Shabby Chic chair. The chalk color is applied and dried, now the Abbondanza Antiquing Glaze is used. This is a thin liquid paint, available in several shades, which is applied to the chalk colour.

While still moist and freshly applied, the Antiquing Glaze is rubbed onto the surface with a dry brush or a lint-free cloth. The colour is clearly set off in grooves, cracks and holes. The Antiquing Glaze creates a realistic patina effect and offers an effective surface seal that is waterproof and dirt-repellent after drying.

For my Shabby Chic chair I used the Antiquing Glaze in black. After drying the patina effect was a bit too dark for my taste. This was certainly also due to the very light chalk colour, which I chose as the basis. The contrast between the two chosen colours was simply very high.

With a thinly applied white wood wax I lightened the paint a little bit in places. According to the Abbondanza team, it is possible to dilute the Antiquing Glaze to control the intensity of the patina effect.

Sandpaper for the perfect Shabby Chic look
Once everything has dried, sandpaper can be used to help the chair look worn out in some places. I am always wondering which parts of a chair that has been in use for years would show flaws and signs of wear and tear. I sand them with a fine sandpaper (120 – 240 grit) until the surface shines through again. This is how the perfectly shaped Shabby Chic furniture is created. 🙂

In this close-up you can see the patina effect of the Antiquing Glaze. The colour settles in all depressions.

Making Shabby Chic furniture yourself: white furniture in a used look
White Shabby Chic furniture has its own special charm. The light colour radiates a romantic atmosphere and goes well with many furnishings. White Shabby Chic furniture plays with opposites: on one side there is the colour of innocence, on the other the furniture shows clear signs of use.

This is what I used

Abbondanza chalk colour
Abbondanza Antiquing Glaze Black
Multiprimer (primer)

cotton cloth

Prepare Shabby Chic furniture with Multiprimer
One thing to keep in mind when painting with white paint: you should not do without a primer. For my chair I used Abbondanza’s Multiprimer. It is dyed white. The white Multiprimer clearly shows whether the furniture has been sufficiently primed in all areas.

Apply a darker layer of paint – this will later shine through the chipped areas.
Once the primer has dried, I apply a layer of black paint to the corners and edges. This layer of paint will later shine through the chipped areas. I was very generous. A little less paint and only in the places where it should be visible later is perfectly sufficient.

For the black color I used the Abbondanza Antiquing Glaze Black again. This color came with an unexpected side effect: in combination with the Abbondanza chalk color it creates a light crackling effect.

At this point I realized once again: each colour, each product has different properties regarding consistency, ingredients, colour change and durability. It is always advisable to test techniques with the corresponding products on a piece of residual wood beforehand! Shame on my head, I really hadn’t done that this time. But since the crackling effect fitted perfectly in this case, I welcomed the side effect and was lucky again. 🙂

Using Shabby Chic paint and making Shabby Chic furniture yourself – Vaseline miracle cure for chipped spots
Now I use a technique that I already used on my vintage style chest of drawers. After drying the dark colour layer, I apply Vaseline to the black colour in some places.

You should proceed sparingly, because everywhere where Vaseline is, following coats will not hold well and will rub off sooner or later.

Paint white chalk colour
Now the piece of furniture receives a decorative coating in the form of one or two layers of chalk paint. As you can imagine, black is more difficult to paint than light. The Abbondanza Chalk Paint has a very good opacity, but a second coat was needed on black areas.

Fortunately chalk paint dries incredibly fast and so the second coat can be applied after 1 – 2 hours.

With sandpaper and cotton cloth – rub off the upper layer of paint
Using a fine sandpaper or a lint-free cotton cloth, I rub over the areas where I previously applied the Vaseline. The upper colour layer with the chalk colour comes off quite quickly. The lower, black color layer becomes visible.

You have to be careful, grind and rub too hard, remove the lower layer of paint with it and the bare wood will be visible.

Sealing of the chalk colour for higher durability
Chalk paint is very susceptible to dirt and moisture without further treatment. Therefore it needs to be sealed with a clear varnish or wood wax. If the chair is exposed to heavy use, I recommend a matt clear varnish, which is applied several times.

Making Shabby Chic furniture yourself – white furniture with a used look



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