I’m back! From the land where dreams come true. The land above the big pond… And so on. You already know. It hasn’t even been a week since I stepped on German soil again, but I have so many photos for you that I wanted to start showing them to you as soon as possible so that we can do it all this year. Today is all about my outward journey and the days in Tucson. Most of the time we spent in New York, so we can show you more.

The outward flight turned out to be a bit difficult. Alex and I have flown standby very often (employees of an airline can fly standby and take travel partners with them). Standby means that you pay a lot less for your ticket, but only if there are free seats on the plane). So we thought that somehow it would work out. Up to that point I had always come with you, even if the booking situation looked bad. We wanted to fly with United Airlines because they are the only ones who fly from Berlin and also accept travel partners. My mother flew standby for the first time. Unfortunately this flight was fully booked and the next day didn’t look any better. There was only one flight a day from United to Newark. Therefore we had to consider an alternative and decided to fly via Zurich to the USA. We got the flight to Zurich. The flight to Washington, too. From there it was planned to fly on to Phoenix. Unfortunately there were no direct flights from Europe to Phoenix.

In Washington there was again a big security check. For the Americans it is obviously irrelevant that we were already checked in Zurich (and that really extensively), so that we had to go through the whole thing again. Even our suitcases were x-rayed again. I think the Americans think the European controls are too lax anyway.
The flight to Phoenix to Washington didn’t look bad. In any case there were still more than 10 seats available. What we unfortunately didn’t know until then: The Americans fly much more standby than we do. At United you can always see the list of standby passengers on a monitor and where you are. On the list there were suddenly 14 people in front of us. The end of the song: We had to share. My mama flew with me and was picked up by my father in Phoenix. My friend and I were stranded in Washington.

We were told that the next flight the next day would go at the same time and look much better. Therefore we made a small stop in Washington and visited the most important sights. We were also at the white house, but were not allowed to get to the fence as usual. Since there were a lot of people out there on the lawn, we suspected that the president couldn’t have gone far. That’s why I can’t present you with a nice photo of the white house. I didn’t want to do to you the eternally rangezoumen, easily verpixelten photos.

In the evening we went back to the airport. There we went again to the United Customer Service and asked what it looks like now. Suddenly there was only one free seat left. I really don’t know how the Americans do it. A flight so short term costs in any case about 500-600€. How can it be that so many people book at such short notice? So we had to plan again, flew to Los Angeles and spent one night at the airport to fly the next day early in the morning directly to Tucson.

Fortunately this worked out, so that we finally arrived in Tucson with two days delay. The visit to Tucson was mainly a very private one, so I won’t tell you much about it here. There live very good friends of ours who we haven’t seen for five years and with whom we just enjoyed the time there. On my Instagram account I gave you some more insights.

On the one hand we were at the airplane museum. Since my friend works for Lufthansa, it was very interesting for him. There were also cockpits where you could sit in and play a bit of “pilot”. 😉 There were also some simulators from NASA with which you could play a bit of astronaut.

A real experience was also the Sabino Canyon, a desert landscape with unbelievable many cacti. That should please all cactus lovers among you! Moreover, the bridges were flooded, which is quite a rarity, as it hardly ever rains in Arizona. The day before, however, it rained as hard as it hasn’t for a long time, so that many cactus and shrub flowers blossomed, which you rarely see.

We also got to know a very nice older couple who volunteered there to look for gold in the river. You can actually find some more valuable, very small stones in the rivers. My friend actually found something, but it was too small for him. He had hoped for more. 😀

I would also like to show you here a small section of the shelves in the supermarkets. Especially the vegetables and fruit department is probably a dream for everyone. I also posted a picture here, here and here, but you really have to see it all with your own eyes. I would really like to see supermarkets like that here in Germany.

Then I went on to New York again. If we got the flight, I’ll tell you in the next post.


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