Engagements, weddings, birthdays, passed exams or a housewarming. There are many occasions to celebrate and toast to events with friends. In the warmer months, it is especially enjoyable to celebrate in the country again after a long time and enjoy the first warm evenings.

If you are looking for a special surprise for a special event, I have a wonderful idea for you that will certainly attract a lot of attention. My decorative tyre is not only the absolute eye-catcher, it is also not difficult to imitate – if you have the right materials.

Click here for instructions:

Hula Hoop Tire Decoration for the Wedding

Hula Hoop Tyres*
25 meter hemp cord or household cord
Just Love* or any other lettering
Decorative flowers* and plastic plants
Chain of lights with 100 LED lights*
decorative wire
1 Wrap the hemp string around the Hula Hoop frost as you like and wrap it crosswise to form a net.

2 Attach the Just love lettering or a name lettering in the middle of the net. It must be tightened very carefully so that the lettering remains in the centre of the tyre and does not sag or bend.

3 Wrap the light chain around the tire and fasten it with decorative wire.

4 Attach the fern fronds, tendrils or other artificial plants to the hoop with bast wire at the top right and bottom left.

5 Finally, for the final polish, deco flowers are attached to the tyre with handicraft wire.

6 Now all you have to do is find a suitable place to hang the decorative tires – free-floating or on a wall. A nearby power outlet would be helpful.


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