Beauty has always interested me very much. Natural cosmetics in particular have been my speciality for some time now.

At the end of 2018, for example, I decided to take an additional course in natural cosmetics in order to broaden my knowledge.

Today I will show you four products that I have exchanged for conventional products in my daily routine and some that are at the top of my shopping list.


I have very dry skin and most body lotions have not really helped me much. Since some time I switched to body oils. At the moment I use the BIO Jojoba oil from armonalife. Jojoba oil makes the skin velvety soft without over-oily. It has a regulating and stabilizing effect on the skin’s moisturizing mantle.


Finding a good shampoo that is clean and green wasn’t easy for me. That’s why I tried a lot. Since I have very fine and thin hair, which quickly greases up, many products were a failure. In the end I always came back to a beauty brand – RHAUA! My hair feels super good after washing and looks healthy and shiny. I am currently using the Color Full Shampoo and the matching conditioner. The hair mask of the same care line is also ingenious!

Cleaning – Eyes

Finding a good eye makeup remover is just as hard in my opinion. Of course the decorative cosmetics you use on your eyes also play a big role. Since I only lightly make up my eyes, I have found the perfect product for my cleansing. Here I use the eye make-up remover from Naturaline.


Bought and in love! I use the highlighter of RMS with mother-of-pearl finish every day. As soon as I have used it up I will buy it after.

Now I want to show you some products that are already waiting for me in the shopping cart.

Oils Pure Calm Wellness from UMA

This oil promises to reduce feelings of stress and promote inner peace. Sounds great, doesn’t it?!

Deep Forest Face Mist from Björk& Berries

This invigorating facial spray with birch tonic soothes the skin and is a real beauty boost thanks to the enriched vitamins.

Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath by Susanne Kaufmann

I’m a huge Susanne Kaufmann fan. Thanks to the Advent calendar I got from her, I was able to try many products. I still order this bath additive today…


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