Even before I was a child, I liked to do something with iron beads. Nowadays it’s a little different. I no longer make the same pictures that I “ironed” as a child. Nevertheless, I think that you can make something cool out of these pictures.

These pictures are especially suitable for greeting cards. That’s why today I have a little inspiration for Easter for you. When was the last time you sent a greeting card? It was Christmas for me, but I have to admit that I hardly ever did it before. I think it’s a pity, because you actually show that you still think of distant people and wish them all the best.

Therefore I would like to animate you with this blog post to do such things as well and show you how you can design your greeting cards for Easter also still suitably. It’s very simple: Get out your ironing beads and get started!

Easter bunny made of iron beads

Iron-on beads (pink, dark grey, pink, white) + square pin plate
baking paper
flat irons
loop belt
Greeting card blank
design paper
1 Cut the cardboard to your desired card format. Alternatively you can buy the right size. Then you save this step.

2 Optionally the card can be designed with design paper.

3 Arrange the beads on the pin plate. Place a sheet of baking paper on top and fuse with an iron. Allow to cool well.

4 Knot the ribbon as shown in the photos on the rabbit: Thread one end from back to front through the right hole. Thread the other end from behind through the left hole.

5 Tie the ribbons together (both ends should have the same distance to the rabbit). Then tie a bow. If the ends are too long, cut off a piece.

6 Stick the rabbits on the cards with a liquid glue.

See ya. Your Laura


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