February 14th is approaching – Valentine’s Day! The day of lovers and lovers, when we surprise people we have taken to our hearts. Do you also celebrate the Day of Love and ask yourselves year after year: What surprise should it be? What could I do to give joy to my friend? A look at Google trends reveals that love locks and chocolate hearts are particularly popular on Valentine’s Day.

But I personally don’t find locks and chocolate so suitable and frankly a bit kitschy. I like it better homemade, because then you can see that it really comes from the heart. The most obvious thing I always find is a romantic dinner. But the candlelight is to be replaced by chains of lights in my DIY. Nevertheless, the romance in my DIY doesn’t come too short and is of course rounded off by a delicious, thematically appropriate dinner.

The idea for the following upcycling DIY from empty wine bottles came to me when Bree Wein* was looking for bloggers for her Valentine’s Day cooperation. The decorative bottles, the modern bottle shape and the exclusive smoked glass design perfectly match my romantic decoration for a Valentine’s dinner for two. Even though the bottles themselves are very decorative and the wine goes very well with a Valentine’s Day dinner, I’ve made the whole thing even more extensive. Now you can see how you can easily copy my bottle decoration:

DIY table decoration for Valentine’s Day from wine bottles

Wine Bottles from Bree Wine
Spray paint (white and pink)
Double-sided adhesive tape
Light chains (at least 2m length)
1 Draw a heart on a sheet of paper.

2 Cover it completely with double-sided adhesive tape and then cut it out.

3 Stick the heart on your Bree wine bottle.

4 Spray half of the wine bottle in a pink shade and the other half in a white shade. Use gloves and a padding. Also, you should only spray outside.

5 Wait until the paint is completely dry.

6 Fill the wine bottle with the chain of lights.

Bree Wine – Don’t you know? The wine comes from the wine cellar of Peter Mertens, one of the largest wineries in Germany, which was founded in 1924. Almost 100 years ago wine was a drink of the upper class, because poor people could not afford wine – or only drank it on special occasions. Peter Mertens wanted to make grape juice accessible to all people and the guiding principle of his company is: “Wine should taste good and contribute to joie de vivre! That was true then and it is true today!

This is why the wine cellar offers very special wines that accompany the tasteful and precious moments of life. The family estates of the Peter Mertens Wine Cellar are located on the Moselle – in one of the best wine-growing regions in Germany and cover almost 100 hectares of vineyards. So the wine is perfect for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

I tasted noble Pinot Noir Rosé* for you before I was able to implement the DIY for you. The Pinot Noir Rosé is an elegant wine with fruity aromas reminiscent of raspberry, strawberry and red currant, without any side or aftertaste. It should be drunk at about 10 to 12 degrees and it not only goes well with fish and seafood, but you can also enjoy it with sushi, poultry with light sauces or vegetarian dishes. So you have a great choice for your Valentine’s Day menu – depending on what your Valentine’s treasure likes.

Already ten years ago the noble bottle design was awarded with the red-dot design award and until today the bottles belong to the most elegant on the wine shelves.



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