I love photo gifts! How are you doing? We have 1000 photos digitally stored on our mobile phones. But I always liked to stick photos in photo books or to hold them in other forms analogously. Therefore I have here a really sweet idea for you. A photo cube. You don’t need much for it and the effect is so cool. You can’t stop turning, opening and closing the cube.

At first glance it might look a bit complicated, but once you’ve understood how to do it, it’s easy and you’ll want to make as many cubes as you can. Especially now that Easter is just around the corner, this is a nice gift that you can easily make up.

Click here for instructions:

photo cube

8 wooden cubes*
Washi Tape
Photos printed on paper
glue stick

1 Print a total of six different images. You need four images that fit on eight cube sides (landscape or portrait) and two images that fit on four cube sides (square shape).

2 Cut the pictures so that you can glue them directly onto the cubes later. For example, you can cut eight squares of the same size from a landscape image and stick them on one by one later.

3 Place two cubes next to each other. Connect them with Washi Tape as shown in picture 1.

4 Flip one cube over so that it lies on top of the other and the Washi Tape is no longer visible.

5 Glue the two cubes together again with Washi Tape at the place where the first Washi Tape can be easily seen in the crack between the cubes.

6 Repeat this three times and arrange the four cube pairs as shown in picture 3. The Washi Tape should be on top of the outer cubes and on the outside of the inner cubes.

7 Now turn this formation over together and stick on Washi Tapes as on picture 5 on the cubes.

8 Now flap the outer cube pairs inwards so that the shape of a cube is created.

9 Tilt the cube slightly to the left and paste over it as shown in picture 7.

10 Turn it once by 180° and stick Washi Tape on it.

11 Now it’s time to stick on the pictures. Start with a square picture. Spread with a glue stick some glue on the four sides of the cube and glue the mosaic picture picture by picture on the side.

12 Then open the cube and stick a picture consisting of eight parts on the side. Here I would recommend a landscape format.

13 Now fold the cube up and down. Also here I recommend a picture in landscape format.

14 Now the cube is folded back again. Now it has the shape of a cube again and a square picture is glued on.

15 The cube is now folded up and down again. Here I recommend to glue a picture in portrait format.

16 Finally, fold the cube outwards and glue a picture in portrait format onto the last free surface.

Do you like photo gifts as much as I do? I have already published several photo gifts on my blog. If you need more inspiration, take a look here.



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