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I love spring and I’m sure there will be more readers here who will feel the same way. What I love as much as the warm sun, spring flowers and the soft green of nature is spending time with my family. Unfortunately, it is often the case that due to many appointments it is difficult for everyone to meet together to spend time together. Fortunately, however, there are special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or even Easter, when everyone can take time off. When I can be together with my loved ones, it makes me especially happy.

Of course we will meet again for this year’s Easter. Usually we do this at my parents’ place, where a big Easter table will be erected. It doesn’t matter whether we make the Easter table a highlight for cakes and desserts or serve a hearty Easter dish. And what should not be missing on any Easter table? In addition to the spring-like design, you can also create a very nice WOW effect on the Easter table with napkins. Everything looks a bit more noble and you can see that the person has made an effort. Roombeez* have published a large number of napkin folding instructions in their online magazine that will help you prepare for your next spring table. I have also tried different napkin shapes using the simple instructions. They offer 15 different napkin techniques for every occasion. Most of the instructions are even available in video form, so you can be sure that your napkin folds will succeed in any case!

In order to decorate your Easter table as beautifully as mine, you can get inspiration from me and find the corresponding instructions for your napkins at roombeez.

There are so many different and enchanting figures that can arise from napkins that I didn’t know at first which one to choose. Of course butterflies and Easter bunnies fit best for spring and Easter, but also the swan, the lily, the fan and the leaf are suitable and not so heavy that you can’t fold the figures. If you’ve really gotten into napkin folding fever like me, you could also fold different figures for the Easter table.

I dared to take on the Easter bunny, the sailing ship, the swan and the lily. At the beginning you need some time to get the right tricks, but then you have it – you can see it in the simple representation on the side – the twist very quickly out!

If you find video tutorials too fast, you can also use the step-by-step tutorials in picture and text form, which are also provided on the page.

So, and now I wish you a lot of success while trying it out, because there is not much time until Easter and the more often you use the napkin technique, the more secure the techniques are.

Also be sure to check out Roombeez* for more inspiration for your table decorations! You can also search my blog for delicious cake recipes so you can put something tasty on your spring table!

See you then. Your Laura


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