Camping is like sushi. Either you love it or you hate it. But if you love it, it can be wonderful to spend your holidays, travels or leisure time in the middle of nature. Nevertheless, it is not a 4-star hotel. You often have to do without many things or it just gets a little more complicated. To simplify this situation for you, I have 10 creative hacks today, which will certainly be helpful for your next camping adventure.

1. lamp surface

One knows this: One looks for something in the darkness and has only a small flashlight, which helps with the search only moderately. If only one could turn on the light like in the room and the whole tent would shine. This hack helps you: Take a bottle and fill it with water. Now hold your flashlight directly to the bottle. The light rays are reflected by the water and the whole tent shines. No more stress searching!

2. campfire waffles

You can be much more creative when barbecuing than you might think at first. Why only bake sausages on the grill and stick bread in the fire? Take a waffle for example and fill it with delicious things like fruits, chocolate and marshmallows. Super tasty and the hit at every campfire.

3. campfire waffles

I have to admit, a bed in a 4-star hotel doesn’t have the sleeping mat and the sleeping bag. It doesn’t have to be, because comfort is not what camping is all about. Nevertheless, you can use simple tricks to make the tent more comfortable. Do you still remember the foam sheets that were often used in kindergartens and looked like huge puzzles? These can be laid out as a floor in the tent and sleep much softer.

4. frozen balloons

You can’t say much here: To keep it cool in your cool box and not pour ice cubes into it, you can fill balloons with water, put them in the freezer and then use them as coolers for your cool box. Guaranteed less mess!

5. coal in egg carton

When camping, you are the hero if you manage to take a lot with you, but take up little space. Grill charcoal often has the problem that the bag is much too big and much too heavy, taking up a lot of space. In fact, you don’t need that much coal. So put the pieces of coal in an egg carton. It’s light and can be burned at the same time if you light the fire.

6. coal in an egg box

It is well known that the reception when camping is rather less good. But if you can’t do without the Internet, you can take a mobile WLAN router with you and be reachable from the road and access the Internet.

7. camping apps

You can give so many tips about camping. But this would be much too expensive. There are already many useful apps that specialise in helping you with camping.

8. nacho pan

Here we are again at the point of horny food at camping. Just take a pan with you and make your own, baked nachos in it. The others will surely love you for this special camping snack!

9. hanging seats

You just can’t sit on those camping chairs anymore? Then you have a great alternative here if you arrive with a camper: Just hang these hanging seats on the rear. You will surely have to fight for this place because it is so great!

10. cinnamon snails

Cinnamon snails camping? Without baking tray? How is that supposed to work? Just take an orange, wrap it up and put your cinnamon snails in it. You can use ready-made cinnamon snail dough and in just a few minutes you’ll have a delicious barbecue dessert, which you can then lay on the fire. Ingenious!

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