In Hamburg everything is expensive and you can’t do anything for free? Wrong thought! I have 10 activities for you that cost almost nothing and are therefore a bit easy on the purse.

1st picnic in Planten un Blomen
My absolute favourite park is Planten und Blomen in Hamburg. This park is a must, especially in summer. Many beautiful flowers bloom, you can lie down and relax. It is very clean and so varied. There are several areas with different themes. For example the rose garden, the large greenhouse administered by the University of Hamburg, the Japanese garden or the beautiful, varied playground.

2. the fish market for early risers or night-time passers-by
Something that can easily be ticked off on the to-do list was the visit to the fish market. After a night of celebrating with friends in Hamburg, we went to the fish market on Sunday morning. It opens at 5 o’clock in the morning and is an absolute experience. From fish sandwiches, to market criers, to fruit baskets, you can find everything here. The whole atmosphere is simply super and should be absolutely once taken along. We do not want to go through, can also simply get up early.

3. take the ferry
Not in the mood for a boat trip and still want to see Hamburg from the water? Then use the public ferries that take you from the harbour to Blankenese, for example. If you already bought a ticket from the HVV on that day, you can also use the ferry with it without having to pay anything extra!

4. get holiday feeling at the Elbstrand
Hamburg is so fascinating that it is a city with a sea connection. Although it is not like the Baltic or North Sea, Hamburg also has a small beach to offer: the Elbe beach!

With a view of the cranes from Hamburg harbour, you can take a little break and relax with a picnic!

5. shooting oldschool photos in the photo booth
You want a really cool memory of Hamburg with your friends or family? Then you should squeeze into one of the black-and-white photo vending machines available in Hamburg. You have to pay 2 € for a strip with four different pictures. The pictures are usually all black and white. The more people, the funnier it is to squeeze them all into the small cabin!

6. go to the cinema for free
Yeah, you read right. Every Friday at 11 pm UCI KINOWELT gives you the ticket price and you can watch horror movies for free. These movies wouldn’t normally have made it to the cinema, but on Friday at 11 pm they get a little performance. But there is a small catch: You have to buy something to eat or drink for at least 6,00 €.

7. walk through the Elbe Tunnel
I know, this point is probably already in every travel guide of Hamburg anyway. Nevertheless, I would like to record it. Somehow I think that just crossing the Elbe tunnel is totally beautiful and at the same time calming. Especially when you get a bit too much at the harbour, with all the tourists. So, have a look at it!

8. look at the water light games
A tip for the evening about Planten un Blomen. In summer and late summer (01 May to 05 October) water games with different themes are held there in the evenings. Water fountains with coloured lights are illuminated. Classical music is played in the background. It is completely free of charge. The duration is half an hour. Until August it begins daily 22 o’clock and starting from September then already 21 o’clock.

When? 01. May to 31. August (at 22 o’clock) and 01. September to 30. September (at 21 o’clock)

9. climb up the steps of St Michael’s Church
Actually, I don’t like going to churches that much. The St Michaeliskirche is still worth a visit. Not only is it very beautiful, you also have the opportunity to climb up to the tower and look over Hamburg from there. Either take the elevator or climb the 452 steps. The church only takes entrance for the tower. With 5 € (4 € reduced) you are there.

When? November to April (10 – 17.30) and May to October (9 – 19.30).

10. exhibitions, events and much more
The last point is not related to any particular activity or sight. In Hamburg there are always exhibitions and events that are temporary, but also free of charge. It would be impossible to name them all, because they change again and again. My tip: Inform yourself about free events in the period of your trip! You will surely find what you are looking for.



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