What can you do in Berlin? This question is asked very often My answer is always very short: Actually everything. There’s almost nothing you can’t do in Berlin. That this answer doesn’t help my counterpart much, I know of course.

In this blog post I start with activities that cost nothing or almost nothing. All very recommendable places and I hope I can help you plan your next trip to Berlin!1. rest at the Tempelhofer Feld
The field of the former Tempelhof airport extends accordingly over Berlin. In the middle of the capital there is still the undeveloped area, which is a playground for cyclists, skaters, people with kites and many more with its large, former taxiways and grass areas. Sit down, take something to eat with you and watch the action!

2. walk through the princess garden
The Princess Garden is located on Moritzplatz and was once a wasteland that was converted by local residents into a kitchen garden for urban agriculture. You can rent a piece in this garden, but the places are occupied very quickly and for a very long time, so it is difficult to get a place. The plants are planted in old baker’s boxes, Tetra-Paks or rice bags. This ensures the mobility of the gardens.

In the meantime, there is also a garden café and restaurant on the site. There is also a flea market every second Sunday of the month from June to September, where you can buy products from the garden as well as other things. Other workshops, especially for children, are also held there.

3. listen to the sloping sounds of the Karaoke Wall Park
Since 2009, Joe Hatchiban has been organizing the Karaoke Wall Park in the park’s amphitheatre every Sunday afternoon in spring and summer (always 3 pm). I grew up almost right next to the Mauerpark and therefore know this attraction quite well. Of course, in the meantime it has become a huge tourist magnet. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to watch courageous people play the right notes. It is absolutely necessary to go a little earlier to get a good seat.

4. visit of the peacock island
You don’t just want to see the heart of Berlin, but you want to venture a little further outside? Then I recommend Pfaueninsel. It is a 67 hectare landscape park and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. The island really is home to peacocks and a few water buffalos that act as natural lawn mowers. You can only get to the island by ferry. But this does not cost much with 4€ (reduced 3€).

When? Every Monday to Sunday. The times vary depending on the month.

Where? Where? Nikolskoer Weg, 14109 Berlin

5. visit the Carnival of Cultures
This event always takes place once a year and consists of a street festival which runs from Friday to Monday and a highlight on Sunday, namely the street parade. As the name suggests, it is a festival of cultures. You can not only try exotic food in other countries, but also get to know other cultures through music and costumes. It reflects the diversity of Berlin and celebrates the city’s diversity for four days. Performers have the chance to present their culture and their country through a great staging, especially during the street parade. From Friday to Monday there is no peace and quiet. People are dancing, laughing and celebrating. Confetti lies on the floor everywhere, people are in a good mood and the atmosphere couldn’t be better.

6. stroll over flea markets
You will find many flea and weekly markets in Berlin, which you should definitely visit! I particularly like the RAW flea market (Sundays from 09 to 19 o’clock / Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin) for strolling. But there are so many flea markets that you could only fill a whole Berlin trip by visiting them!

7. shoot oldschool photos in the photo booth
You want a really cool memory of Berlin with your friends or family? Then you should squeeze into one of the black-and-white photo machines, which are located at 23 different locations in Berlin. You have to pay 2€ for a strip with four different pictures. The pictures are usually all black and white. The more people, the funnier it is to squeeze them all into the small cabin!

8. explore the market hall nine
It’s a big old market hall that’s still in use today. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday you can walk over the weekly market. Visit the Streetfood Thursday on Thursdays. Then you have to be hungry and try your hand through the hall. There were all kinds of things from waffles to apple mint iced tea to cheese & spinach dumplings.

Also the weekly market is worth an experience. You can have a nice chat with the sellers and learn a lot about the origin of the food. It is organic and regional.

9. walk along the East Side Gallery
Old, but gold: I know this is a tourist hotspot, but still a really cool one. The East Side Gallery, at 1316 metres, is the longest section of the Berlin Wall still standing. In 1990 the wall was painted by 118 artists from 21 countries. In the meantime, the wall has not been preserved in its entirety. In addition, the Wall no longer shows the original works of art from 1990, but the replicas made in 2009.

Nevertheless, everyone should be aware of this part of the Wall and keep Berlin’s history in mind.

10. exhibitions, events and much more
The last point is not related to any particular activity or sight. In Berlin there are always exhibitions and events that are temporary, but also free of charge. It would be impossible to name them all, because they change again and again. My tip: Inform yourself again specifically about free events in the period of your trip! You will surely find what you are looking for.


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